Overview services

BEBO Solutions include the application of geotechnical engineering theory and practice together with state of the art reinforced concrete design to the development and construction of arch bridges, tunnels and other underground structures (soil-structure interaction).

Multiple Span BEBO - Australia

Project Development

We are our license holders’ technical back office for the implementation of BEBO Technology into projects and project opportunities.

Our core strength is the holistic optimization of our license holders’ projects by applying BEBO Technology and Knowhow together with sound Swiss Engineering Practice.

Substructure and arch structure: We rely on 50 years of experience as well as state of the art knowhow in the field of reinforced concrete design and geotechnical engineering.

5-Span BEBO - Terengganu, Malaysia

Technical Support

Customer Support makes the Difference

We are our license holders’ support center for all project related questions and queries. As such, we rely on our staff’s knowhow and experience gained and passed on over decades.

In addition, we can revert back on our license holders sales and field staff for additional support if need be.

Quick turnaround times and comprehensive feedback guarantee customer satisfaction.

Heavy Life Load over BEBO - Kier Mining, Scotland

Special Arch Designs

In addition to the pre-engineered standard arch offering, we design tailor made arch solutions and develop special production and construction procedures on our license holders request in order to expand their field of application and increase their market share.

Such custom shaped arch solutions are an efficient way to further optimize our license holders projects and give them an edge over their competition.