BEBO Twin Leaf Arch Installation


BEBO Twin Leaf Arch Installation using one Crane only.

For standard BEBO Twin Leaf installations, we usually use two cranes to lift, rotate and install the individual arch elements. This standard procedure has a long and proven track record. It is efficient, quick and – above all – safe!

Occasionally, however, we come across a project where standard handling and installation procedures don’t work.

Take this recent BEBO E54T installation in Québec, Canada for example. The topography at the site did not allow for the use of two cranes.

Together with our local partner BPDL we came up with a somewhat adjusted procedure using one crane only to safely install our arches. The concept included a temporary center support steel frame with hydraulic jacks to simultaneously lower the two opposing arch crowns into their final position.

This solution has worked well for this project as it has for similar applications in the past.