Constructora Rizek - Part 1:
Andre Sanlley (Managing Director, Constructora Rizek)

Early 2014 we were awarded the contract to build a stretch of 36 kilometers of the new Santo Domingo Ring Road, an important highway project that would bring long awaited relief to the very tense traffic situation in the greater city area.

The overall project schedule was on a fast-track. The government expected quick progress of the works as well as strict adherence to the tight budget.

Raul Rizek, the founder and owner of our company had just returned from travels in South America where he had seen the promising concept of precast concrete arch structures as part of the local infrastructure. He was keen to explore the potential for our home market.

Our company’s philosophy is and always has been to optimize projects by using state of the art practices as well as new construction techniques and products. It is this forward thinking that sets us apart from our competition.

I was therefore not surprised when I was given the task by Raul to investigate a potential partnership with BEBO Arch International AG.

A first contact with BEBO was quickly established and I was happy to learn that BEBO was just as eager to expand their business by working with us.

Constructora Rizek - Part 2:
Victor Herrera (Project Supervisor, Constructora Rizek)

From the beginning of the Santo Domingo Ring Road project I was heavily involved in the design and planning process. Along the 36 km stretch we had to build, three waterway crossings posed the following challenges:

  • Time
    The crossings were on the critical path for the overall construction of the highway.
  • Hydraulics
    We were required to allow for a maximum freeboard height above the calculated flood level.

As I would soon find out, BEBO was the best answer to the challenges at hand. Together with the engineers at BEBO we quickly determined that the E78T/0 arch fulfilled all the requirements while fitting perfectly into the surroundings.

The next step was now to convince the overseeing authorities of the feasibility and the benefits of this new technology. What undoubtedly helped our case was the experience within the BEBO Community with many similar structures built in various regions around the world.

With a combined effort of Rizek and BEBO engineers, we obtained approval for two of the three crossings under the condition of passing a full scale load test upon completion of the first BEBO structure.

This was obviously good news on one hand, but on the other hand we had to accept the risk of not passing the load test and having to replace the structure we had just built.

“There is no doubt the structure will pass the test!” We had faith in this BEBO statement and should not be disappointed.

We gave the two BEBO structures the go head and off we were with the fabrication of the moulds and the casting of the arch elements.

Constructora Rizek - Part 3:
Donnie White (Field Technician; Shaw Precast, Canada)

Field work – being on the construction sites helping the guys getting the job done is what I do best. I have installed BEBO arches all over the Atlantic Provinces in Canada. However, it came as quite a surprise when I was asked to help to install arches in the Dominican Republic. BEBO Arch International AG had established a contact between Shaw and Rizek for me to be overseeing the installation of two BEBO structures in the Santo Domingo Area.

Before long, I was on a plane headed for the Caribbean.

Once down there, I was well taken care of by Rizek and was therefore able to focus on the task at hand – making sure the arches went in on time and in the right way. The site posed some challenges, but luckily the Rizek management and staff was eager to be educated on the do’s and don’ts of BEBO related work. In an extra effort by the whole team, we managed to install the arches in time and soon after I was on my way back home.

More trips to the Dominican Republic with the same purpose should follow this first one. The friendships that were made during these trips still last today.

I am happy and proud that with my experience I was able to contribute to the successful implementation of the BEBO Technology in the Dominican Republic.

Constructora Rizek - Part 4:
Milestone Summary

January 2014
Date of first contact between Rizek and BEBO

January 24th 2014
Date of Agreement

June 2014
Design Submittal

December 2014
Installation of first arch elements

March 2015
Completion of the BEBO Structures

June 2015
Opening of the Highway