End Treatments

Standard BEBO Spandrel Walls

The segmental spandrel wall for the BEBO Arch System is built up from 2 or 3 spandrel segments resting on an arch end element including a curb for horizontal support. In addition, the lateral spandrel wall segments are horizontally supported by counterfort walls (precast or in-situ).

The segmental spandrel wall attains its final stability once the structure is back- and overfilled.

MSE-type Spandrel and Wingwalls

Full height or modular type Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) wall systems are a great addition to BEBO Arches. MSE walls are self-supporting – there is no need for horizontal support by an arch end element or a counterfort wall. The arch end element accommodates the MSE wall in a so-called spandrel recess in order to hide potential imperfections in the transition zone.

Bevelled Ends

The solution developed by BEBO to form beveled ends using cut-off precast arch units connected by means of cast-in-situ loop joints, has been successfully used in various projects.

The loop joint is derived from early BEBO Technology, laboratory tested for both strength and fatigue