Design and Construction


The BEBO standard arches are fully pre-engineered and designed to meet the requirements of various design codes such as Eurocode, AASHTO, Canadian S6 and British Standards

  • State of the art Finite Element Analysis Software (LUSAS)
  • Proprietary design models of all arch shapes
  • Spandrel and wingwall design carried out upon request
LUSAS FE Design Model LUSAS FE Design Model


BEBO Arch Structures exhibit all the advantages of precast concrete technology for the production in a controlled environment

  • Shelter from atmospheric conditions
  • Maintain high level of quality control (materials, geometric tolerances, etc.)
  • Storage of the produced elements before sending the complete shipment to the site
stacked arch elements in the precast yard

Site Preparation

The foundation design is based on site specific geotechnical data and can either be carried out by local engineers or by the BEBO technical staff. The required information to perform such designs is provided by BEBO:

  • Foundation Loads for the governing load cases
  • Geometry of the foundation keyway
typical foundation detail

Shipping and Installation

The required data for safe and economic shipping and installation is provided by BEBO:

  • Element geometries and weights
  • Center of gravity
  • Cable lengths for safe installation
  • Waterproofing (according to local practice / requirements)
shipping of single leaf arch elements


Instructions and requirements for backfilling and compaction operation is provided by BEBO:

  • Moderate requirements for fill material (often, in-situ excavation material can be used)
  • Standard earth works machinery can be used to achieve the required compaction of the backfill material
  • Standard compaction testing
backfilling works in progress