The arch sections are slender in design which results in material savings for both concrete and reinforcing steel compared to traditional applications such as box culverts or beam-/frame type structures.

Moderate requirements for back- and overfill material result in a cost effective construction procedure.

Trans Canada Highway - Banff, Canada


Fully pre-engineered arch design to various design codes result in quick turn-around times for the complete structural design. Substructure design based on tabulated foundation loads.

Installation of arch elements on previously constructed foundations according to BEBO guidelines within days.

Backfilling and compaction in layers according to BEBO guidelines using standard earthworks machinery.

No restrictions for construction machinery to cross the structure once the minimum overfill height is reached

BEBO E42 - The Netherlands


Safety through compliance with BEBO specifications and guidelines instils confidence in the product and the extensive technical support.

Overfilled reinforced concrete arch bridges are extremely durable and require virtually no maintenance (low life-cycle costs).

BEBO structures have no exposed bridge deck, no transition joints or approach slabs and no moving bearings
The look of the true arch shape is always well received by officials, private property developers and the public.

Wildlife Crossing - USA