What is BEBO?

BEBO Arch International AG is a Swiss Civil and Structural Engineering Company with main focus on the development, design and construction of earth overfilled precast concrete arch structures.

The BEBO Arch System consists of a range of pre-engineered, precast overfilled reinforced concrete arch types.

The BEBO Community is a worldwide network of eligible companies (distributors) that in their specific territories hold the exclusive rights to market, sell and build precast concrete arch structures on the basis of BEBO solutions.

Multiple Span BEBO - Lima, Ohio, USA

Mission Statement

Efficient Solutions

Together with our license holders, we develop efficient project specific solutions by studying various options and applying proven BEBO Technology.

Integrity and Determination

We are a professional and reliable partner with focus on our customer’s needs. We never compromise on unsafe or uneconomic structures – our solutions are to the benefit of all.

Swiss Quality and Engineering

We are a specialized technical service provider on the basis of highest Swiss Quality Standards, offering the world’s most efficient precast reinforced concrete arch solutions.

We specialize in the holistic optimization of earth overfilled arch structures by applying BEBO Technology together with sound Swiss Engineering Practice.

Knowhow and Experience

The first BEBO structures – built 50 years ago – are still in operation today for many years to remain and fulfill their purpose.

BEBO Structure with Beveled Ends - UK