BEBO Special Arch Shape


Installation of C6m – half circle with 6m arch span

The Upper Lillooet River Hydroelectric Facility (ULRHEF) utilizes an approximately 2.5km long mined tunnel to convey water from the intake located above Keyhole Falls to the powerhouse 3.5km downstream to transform the kinetic energy into usable electrical power.

As part of the intake structure, an approximately 60m long covered water channel had to be built to convey water to the tunnel.

BEBO Arch International AG proposed an in-situ concrete U-shaped raft with custom shaped precast arch elements resting on top. BEBO License Holder Armtec supplied the precast arch elements that had to handle overfill heights of up to 11m as well as hydrostatic pressures acting on the structure from both the in- and outside.

The project comprises a special use of BEBO in its already broad range of possible applications. Congratulations to all parties involved for another successful BEBO installation.