First BEBO UAE Project


Great to see when things finally come together...

After a long and sometimes intense planning and project development phase, the past months have seen the first installations of BEBO arch elements in Abu Dhabi.

This unique BEBO application cannot be described but with using superlatives. Don’t believe us? Decide for yourself – here is a quick overview of the main project characteristics:

  • Largest arch span for an earth overfilled precast concrete structure: 34m internal arch span
  • Unmatched number of consecutive arch spans for one single bridge structure: 64 BEBO spans for a total arch bridge length of over 2’250m
  • Highest count of BEBO precast elements on one single project: 3’092 Twin Leaf BEBO arch elements
  • Bespoke installation procedure specifically developed for this BEBO application by and together with our partner company.

The installation of the arch elements and construction of the bridge will continue over a longer period of time. We will keep you informed as work on site progresses…