Sungai Belenggu


Replacement of an existing steel truss bridge in Central Pahang, Malaysia

Due to the hydraulic requirements, a triple span BEBO Arch structure – E84T (25.6m span) flanked by two E72T (21.4m span) – proved to be the most efficient solution.

With the river embankments at a rather steep angle and grade separation between river bed and road of approximately 14m, the outer pile caps needed to be arranged at an approximately 4.5m higher level than the center pile caps. This height difference could be achieved using two different arch leafs for both lateral spans – E72T inner leaf at 7.8m rise, E72T outer leaf at 4.5m rise.

With the use of the versatile and adaptable BEBO Arch System an optimal solution could be presented to the client. BEBO design included special consideration of the non-symmetrical behavior of the lateral arches interacting with the larger center span.

Thanks to all the involved parties for making this challenging BEBO project a success.

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